Helvetica, You Were Robbed

I just watched a full-length documentary film about a font. And I loved it. So much that, right now, I’m supposed to be filling out a ballot for tonight’s Oscar party, but I’m distracted by the total lack of support this feel-good flick received from the nominating committee.

The film’s protagonist, the modern and [...]

Who Says Your Vote Doesn’t Count?

It’s been a good time on My Yahoo!. Almost every morning, there’s news of Barack Obama’s increasing momentum in the presidential primaries. It’s exciting to support a candidate that might actually have the opportunity to do something.

But it wasn’t delegate counts or debate news that first caught my eye today, nor was it [...]

A Day of Good Things

First of all, it was a clear blue and astonishing 70 degrees in Berkeley today. This happens for a few days every February, and my entire being responds with relief and complete delight. The world continues to turn on its axis and travel around the sun. Spring is coming.

Second, I went to the [...]

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