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June 2008

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    No, I’m Not Ready for My Close-Up

    Today I bought and returned my first webcam. I bought it because, with all of Stewart’s travels, we decided it would be nice to be able to Skype each other. The service…

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    The Way of the Dad, Part II

    There are good things and bad things about having two fathers. Thankfully, for me, almost all of the bad things happened in the distant past, when I hadn’t yet grown up enough…

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    The Way of the Dad, Part I

    The other day, my dad sent me an email correcting one of my posts, Snake Oil, in which I mentioned that I inherited his goofy bow legs and something odd about his…

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    Near Misses

    First, I am shocked and dismayed that I didn’t learn until just now that yesterday was National Pigeon Day. Having lived with a pigeon for thirteen years (more about that later) and…

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    Snake Oil

    I know where my tax rebate is going. I had planned to save it or invest it, but I just stimulated the economy by spending every penny on a complete system of…