I Can Jam . . . You Can, Too

I packed away this blog almost a year and a half ago, and I didn’t expect to come back to it. Why start up again, when the world is aclutter with everybody’s words about everything? The fruit made me do it. More specifically, the dozens of of like-minded, fruit-obsessed participants in Tigress’s Can Jam inspired me to do it. This project requires us to use hot water bath canning to preserve or pickle produce (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled . . . kumquats?) every month. We don’t know what fruit or veggie we’ll be working with until the month kicks off.

The can jam started in January, so I’m late to the party. But, lucky me, January’s assignment was citrus (follow that link for dozens of amazing can jammers recipes), and I’ve been citrus crazed for weeks. My next post will prove it. February is all about the carrot. Hmmm. I’ve never thought much about canning carrots, but if I want to keep to the schedule (the deadline is February 19), I have two days to figure them out.

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