Blackberry Mojito Jam Giveaway

Blackberries are the great romance in my love affair with fruit. I could not say enough about how I adore and covet them, so I’m a little shocked that I misplaced these. Shocked but happy. Wild blackberries in April! Admittedly, these were not the best of last summer’s blackberries. Those were made into jam and eaten up long ago. The berries I froze were perhaps a little small, a touch seedy — but that month-long soak in vodka did them some good. I know a mojito is traditionally made with rum, but there have been plenty of vodka mojito sightings, and the drink otherwise includes exactly the flavors I wanted. So what we have here is vodka-soaked blackberries, sugar, lime, and mint. [...]

Here Today: 4.25.2010

I got my house chores done! So this afternoon, as a reward, I taught myself a lot about making low-sugar strawberry jam. And this evening I let all the cold air out of the refrigerator, leaning against the open door and eating the results straight from the jar with a spoon. I’m going to [...]

Here Today: 4.23.2010

I promised myself no new jams until I finish a few projects around the house. It isn’t easy to lay off; there are at least three recipes I want to try right now, mostly involving strawberries and/or rhubarb. Also, it’s going to be almost eighty degrees this weekend and there will be a very [...]

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