Blackberry Mojito Jam Giveaway

Yesterday I reached into my freezer to retrieve some AA batteries and surfaced with four pounds of blackberries soaked in vodka and sugar — leftovers from the liqueur I made last summer.

I’d forgotten I had them, and this is why . . .

Yep, that’s “Free Beef!” from Les Schwab tires. Stewart brought it home with a full set of all-terrain treads for the Jeep and I can’t quite bring myself to do anything with it.

Now that I’ve shown you my shame, I’m going to have to clean it up. But first, of course, I had to make some jam.

Blackberries are the great romance in my love affair with fruit. I could not say enough about how I adore and covet them, so I’m a little shocked that I misplaced these. Shocked but happy. Wild blackberries in April!

Admittedly, these were not the best of last summer’s blackberries. Those were made into jam and eaten up long ago. The berries I froze were perhaps a little small, a touch seedy — but that month-long soak in vodka did them some good. I’m happy enough with the way this jam turned out that I want to give some to you. (See the bottom of this post for giveaway details.)

I know a mojito is traditionally made with rum, but there have been plenty of vodka mojito sightings, and the drink otherwise includes exactly the flavors I wanted. So what we have here is vodka-soaked blackberries, sugar, lime, and mint.

Blackberry Mojito Jam

4 pounds blackberry liqueur tailings
2 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup lime juice
Zest of 3 limes, minced
40 small, tender mint leaves, muddled

I determined these quantities by making my own educated guesses (such as they are) and by tasting. I put the blackberries, sugar, lime zest, and lime rind into a big glass bowl and left everything for a morning’s maceration while I went to the farmer’s market to wrangle some strawberries — another story.

When I got home, the mixture went straight into my new copper preserving pan and I brought it to a boil. Then I added the muddled mint and kept right on boiling until the jam reached the setting point. I canned the jam in a hot water bath, leaving 1/4 inch head space and processing for 5 minutes. (We can get away with that, here at sea level.) Yielded exactly 3 pints.

Why I want to give you some. Because this jam came straight from my heart, entirely made up as I went along with only what I had on hand in my kitchen (or plucked from containers on my patio) — and because blackberries make me so purely happy — I want to celebrate with my first giveaway. If that sounds good to you, leave a comment below and, on May 10, I’ll randomize y’all (assuming there’s more than one of you) and send the winner a half-pint jar. Do keep in mind that I don’t have a way to capture your email address with this blog, so if you comment, be sure I either know you or know how to find you — through your commenting profile or some other way. :-)

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23 comments to Blackberry Mojito Jam Giveaway

  • marguerite

    Cool – a giveaway! I'll enter for anything you make :)

  • Anduin

    I just started following your blog (via the can jam) and I like it so far…especially the idea of a blackberry mojito jam! How nice of you to offer! anduink [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Ioana

    you know where to find me. and you know i want your jam.

  • Wendy

    Oh dear God — this sounds good! I need another jar of jam like I need a hole in the head, but I hope you pick me!

  • growfamilygrow

    Mojitos, blackberries sounds like heaven and made in one of my favorite places??? You live in heaven. You know that right?

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow! That sounds yummy!

    leah2021 at taii dot net

  • Julia

    How's that copper pan treating you?! I know this jam is the best. I know it, and of course, I want it. I won't lie, or step to the side, politely. That's not my style.

  • Kate (HipGirls)

    Oooooh, ooooooh. me! me! Sir Randomizer, pick ME.


    (p.s. I have an affinity for blackberries from when I lived in Ireland, where there was a vine on my walk home every day. I of course gorged myself on them as often as possible.)

  • Dana M

    Dear Shae,

    You do not know me, but I recently stumbled on your blog and feel we are kindred spirits. I'm also a writer (working for UC Berkeley, my alma mater).

    I haven't yet read all your posts, but have gleaned that you lived in Berkeley at one time and have moved to Fairfax. I'm a Marin native, living in Oakland these days, but I make it out to Fairfax about twice a month.

    I often fantasize about living in a rambling little house near downtown Fairfax. My boyfriend is a cyclist — he lives in Boulder, CO. So, for obvious reasons, your little town would be so perfect for us — ahhh, if only it were more affordable!

    Anyway, I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to your posts. I hope I get the free jam, of course. But do you also sell it? I feel like you must but haven't found that info on your blog yet!

    A big dorky fan,


    dana dot mathes at gmail dot com

  • Amber

    This sounds delicious! I love blackberries too. My favorite thing is blackberry pie made by my grandmother's loving hands, with a scoop of freshly made vanilla bean ice cream. I could cry thinking about it!

    I'm over at, and you can email me at amber@ the same domain name. :)

    I'm also @aryssabrooke on twitter.

  • RJ Flamingo

    I should hope you know how to find me! Just toss out a tweet! I would L O V E your heartfelt jam! Yummers! And I'm not sharing!

  • Beth

    Those carrots were delicious! And I really like the photos on your blog–such great colors. And I'd love some mojito jam!!

  • Tara

    Fantastic! I have been wanting to make up some of my own jam recipes but haven't quite had the guts to not follow a recipe yet. Looking at this I would say I need to work on that! And maybe I need to get me a copper preserving pot. :)

  • Cathy

    Hi Shae, I love reading about your beautiful jam concoctions, but it would be even better to try the jam itself! Sign me up. Unless it's too late.

  • Heloise

    You are one of the few people I scan fb for *even* when I'm in a hurry….love seeing you pop up. Love your passions. And I live in wild blackberry country here in the mountains but rarely see jam. Must be because everyone eats the berries as soon as they pick them…or they keep their blackberry jam to themselves. We will definitely connect next time I'm in the Bay area or exploring the deep unknown with color. Aloha

  • Anonymous

    i know, i know ….. we're plush with mangoes, pineapples, papayas from our garden, lemons and kefir limes (an illicit trade maybe?) but you know there's NOthing we won't do for some of Shae's berry jam…. NOTHING!
    ALOHA! — momo

  • Emily

    Even though I don't drink, I love mojitos. And blackberries. And jam. Is it fair for me to win even though you give me jam so often? I'll let you deal with that philosophical dilemma should the randomization fall in my favor. You know where to find me. xoxoxo Em

  • Shae

    I just learned that the hard part of having a giveaway is not being able to send something to everyone. I'll have more of these, for sure. This time, the jam goes to Kate, the smart and funny hip girl at The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking. Check her out!

  • Daisy Driver

    This sounds delish – I may have to make it!

  • Shae

    Daisy Driver: In July, when blackberries come in, I'm going to post an easier version of this recipe that doesn't require soaking your berries in vodka for a whole month first. Though, I've got to say, if you have the time, blackberry liqueur is excellent and the leftovers are really fun to work with.

  • Luke


    I just finished making some vodka and have the left over blackberries soaked in vodka. What to do??

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