Here Today: 5.19.2010

I was supposed to fly home from New Mexico this morning, but I fell in love with Ghost Ranch and arranged to stay on. I had no idea the place was about to fill up with musicians for its first-ever Bluegrass Camp & Extravaganza. Tonight, the valley swelled with the sounds of plucked strings [...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Orange Jam

Did I fool you with my papier-mâché strawberry? Didn’t think so. But my berries were already mashed when I remembered I needed to take a photo with some rhubarb in it, so I thought I’d try to put one over on you.

Truth is, I didn’t devote a lot of time to the [...]

First Thought, Best Thought: Santa Fe

When I think of what I would have missed if I’d ignored The Dish n’ Spoon Café today. I was walking into Santa Fe along old Route 66 and I’d gotten myself all turned around. I wandered in big, unintentional loops, appreciating how this town was built around a network of old trails, but desperately wishing for a grid to help me find my way. I’d planned to eat somewhere downtown, but I was famished and confused and still had far to go when I found myself standing in front of a funky old storefront with a bunch of interesting junk outside. I wanted to go in. “No,” said the voice in my head, “That’s not the plan.” I walked away, then stopped and turned around. I wanted to go in, dammit. So I did. [...]

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