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May 2010

  • Laundry Line || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Here Today: 5.19.2010

    I was supposed to fly home from New Mexico this morning, but I fell in love with Ghost Ranch and arranged to stay on. I had no idea the place was about…

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Strawberry Rhubarb Orange Jam

    Did I fool you with my papier-mâché strawberry? Didn’t think so. But my berries were already mashed when I remembered I needed to take a photo with some rhubarb in it, so…

  • Santa Fe Adobe

    Here Today: 5.12.2010

    Today was a traveling day. San Francisco to Santa Fe . . . We crossed the Sierra Nevada. We found the country of adobe and big sky. We drank Santa Fe Pale…

  • Free Form Srip Quilt || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    My First Quilt

    In the 7th grade, my home-ec teacher, Mrs. Payne — and yeah, we had a lot of fun with that — made me rip apart and redo my felt frog hand puppet…

  • First Rose

    Here Today: 5.1.2010

    At last, it’s May and the garden is getting into gear. We don’t have much good ground for planting, so we do most of our gardening in big containers — custom-built planter…