Blackberry Mojito Jam

Shae took off for the Alaskan Interior and left me, a porcupine, in charge of her blog. When she asked me to do it, I thought she was joking, but then she handed over the laptop and flew off in a helicopter. Crazy. She worked so hard trying to get this recipe right before she left. It was sad, if you ask me. She tried it with pectin in a box and without pectin in a box, then she decided that both ways work fine. She tried it with spearmint extract (yuck) and fresh spearmint (good). She tried it with 1/4 cup of rum (what rum?) and 1/2 cup of rum. If you ask me, she wasted plenty of good blackberries. If she’d let me anywhere near them, I would have saved her all that trouble and scarfed them while she wasn’t looking. [...]

You’ll Have to Ask Spike

I’ll be away for three weeks and I’ve decided to leave the porcupine in charge. He’s an industrious dude, perfectly capable of watching over the few posts that will appear here while I’m gone. Besides, if I don’t give him something to do, he’ll chew through everything in sight. [...]

Here Today: 8.24.2010

We’re finally on the ground in the 49th state. Every year before we head out to our cabin, we get fresh veggies from Peter and Lynn Mayo’s Spinach Creek Farm in Fairbanks.

The growing season in the Alaskan Interior is short and fierce. You can’t tell from this photo, but Peter’s gorgeous cabbages [...]

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