Here Today: 8.24.2010

We’re finally on the ground in the 49th state. Every year before we head out to our cabin, we get fresh veggies from Peter and Lynn Mayo’s Spinach Creek Farm in Fairbanks.

The growing season in the Alaskan Interior is short and fierce. You can’t tell from this photo, but Peter’s gorgeous cabbages are twice as big as my head. I’m a little bit afraid of them.

These are the prettiest little crab apples — and just beyond are luscious raspberries.

The old tractor.

The best carrots anywhere.

And a crop of paddles. I don’t think they use these for farming (there are plenty of rivers around this town) but I like how they look, standing at attention near the barn wall.

Just two more days and we’re off the grid for three weeks — but a few posts will pop up here while I’m gone. :-)

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