Highbush Cranberry Apple Butter

Highbush cranberries aren’t really cranberries. They’re a robust shrub related to honeysuckle, and they grow wild in North America from Alaska to Newfoundland, crossing into some parts of the Lower 48. There’s even a rogue population in New Mexico. These berries are wonderfully glossy, almost luminescent, and their color is more rosy-orange than their namesake. But like cranberries, they are tart, pectin rich, and full of Vitamin C. [...]


Was it ridiculous for me to cling to my iPhone in the wilderness, when we were miles away from all things having to do with cell phones, wireless, and whatnot? I couldn’t help it. I’m just that attached to my Hipstamatic camera app.

The photo at the top is a little rainstorm sweeping [...]

Peach Jam With Pineapple Sage

This week, I emerged from the woods in Alaska with a pocket full of recipes for apples and cranberries, made on our two burner propane stove. Those recipes — a butter, a sauce, and a conserve — will be coming soon, but for now I feel lucky that I didn’t have time to post this peach recipe a couple of months ago. Here’s a quick look back to mid-summer, when my pineapple sage was in bloom and peaches from my neighbor Joanne were spilling across the kitchen counters, threatening to swamp anyone who got in their way. [...]

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