Was it ridiculous for me to cling to my iPhone in the wilderness, when we were miles away from all things having to do with cell phones, wireless, and whatnot? I couldn’t help it. I’m just that attached to my Hipstamatic camera app.

The photo at the top is a little rainstorm sweeping across the valley to the south of our cabin. And below is one of me working on the quilt on the back porch. I call it “the” quilt because I’ve been working on it for three summers and there are at least three summers more to go. I’ll probably never make another. (It’s made of Stewart’s old shirts.)

The rivers were running fast and cold. The colors were everything from this kind of blue to steely gray.

Because it rained a lot, we had time to work our Scrabble skills. Such as they are.

Between rainstorms, we went outside to take a look around. Often there were moose, but I don’t have a Hipstamatic moose, so here’s Stewart doing his moose impression. (They do seem to stand around a lot.)

There’s a nearby creek drainage that is a beautiful mess of moss and grasses and tumbled-down trees.

Is your wood in for the winter? Our friends in Fairbanks have it covered. I could have hung around taking pictures of their woodpile all night, but I would have been late for a wonderful dinner made from their garden harvest, and that would have been rude.

If you like, you can take a look at my complete “Alaskamatic” album (about 35 pics) by following this link to Flikr. When you get to the page, click “Slideshow” in the upper right corner. Then click “Show Info” if you want to see captions.

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4 comments to Alaskamatic

  • Denise | Chez Danisse

    I love your patience with "the" quilt. It looks like it will be worth the wait.

  • Michelle M.

    Enjoyed the photos, Shae, including the full set on Flickr. Astounding river color; a color I associate more often with high mountain lakes.

    But, what I really want to know is…which of you farted on the board seven points?

  • Michelle M.

    *for* seven points.

  • Shae | Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Denise: I hope it will be worth it in the end. It definitely feels nice to sit under it while I'm working on it, because all the parts of it are already worn soft. :-)

    Michelle: I was wondering if anyone would notice that! I think there was a bonus tile underneath, but I don't remember who laid it down, so to speak.

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