Pimientos Rojos (Marinated Roasted Red Peppers)

I’ve been waiting all year to try this recipe, but when the time came, I was almost too lazy to do it. The end of October Can Jam week was rapidly approaching, and I just didn’t want to get off my butt and deal with a pile of slippery peppers. My eyes kept sliding over to my great big bag of quince, which I can’t stop thinking about. The thing is, it is totally worthwhile to preserve these guys in the fall. [...]

Because It’s October

Because the apples are falling

and the light is fading

under its own golden weight.

Because a road trip scrubs the rough edges from a tired mind.

I threw a bag into the backseat and headed north.

Ukiah, Booneville, Philo

Lingonberry Rosehip Conserve

As someone who can’t stop putting food in jars, I sometimes get my priorities confused. On one hand, I have a compulsion to forage. I don’t know a lot of other middle-aged, middle-class women in Marin County who scale the fences of foreclosed properties or run off into the bushes to “rescue” fruit that would otherwise go wasted. (In truth, I don’t know even one, though I would like to.) My favorite kind of canning relies on what the world outside the supermarket so generously provides. [...]

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