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November 2010

  • Pomegranate Champagne Jelly || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Pomegranate Champagne Jelly

    A few weeks ago, a very nice man from POM Wonderful contacted me and asked whether he could send me a free case of pomegranate juice. That made me laugh. Then it…

  • Lingonberry Applesauce

    Lowbush Cranberry Applesauce

    Wilderness preserving experiments — cranberry applesauce front and center I’ve had this simple recipe in my pocket since we got back from Alaska in September. At the end of August, we had…

  • Spicy Quince and Apple Chutney || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Spicy Quince and Apple Chutney

    I had to wrestle this month’s Can Jam challenge to the ground. I love the ingredients that the Cosmic Cowgirl chose for us: apples, pears, and quince. (Stephanie is also the proprietress…

  • Caroline Radice
    Food, Preserves

    Hot Plums and Black Dogs

    If you have hot plum jelly — or if you want to make hot plum jelly — might I suggest that this would be a fine thing to do with it? These are golden fried wantons, stuffed . . .

  • Quince || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Quince-Orange-Cardamom Marmalade

    “They dined on mince and slices of quince, Which they ate with a runcible spoon; And hand in hand on the edge of the sand They danced by the light of the…