To Oregon and Back Again

I drove to Portland this past weekend, and the photo above is what I thought the entire trip was going to look like — driving fast at night, trying to stay ahead of winter weather. It did look a lot like that and there were many things I wanted to photograph (an old carnival, a broken-down café) that blew right past in the dark.

Here’s what had some light . . .
Buddha under fir trees at Still Meadow Retreat Center,
where Stewart was leading a process painting workshop.
Colors in the painting studio: splash, splash, splash.
Hello, Llama on an icy morning.
Did I mention the ice?
Livestock, staring. (I sense a theme.)
So many barns in new snow.
Mt. Shasta in her lenticular finery.

Winter does come to California.
And here’s what’s coming to this space soon:
A preserve with pomegranates
a preserve with  . . . bananas?
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2 comments to To Oregon and Back Again

  • Janis

    Full & beautiful journey…

    Ready to meet when you are. My house? Let me know :^)

  • Michelle

    Okay, I viewed these photos a couple days ago and mistook the first photo for lighted, spinning Ferris wheels, before and well after you mentioned "old carnival" in your post. Now, viewing them again, I see I'm looking at the lighted signals on your dashboard.

    Nice photos. Also, I'm very excited about this banana business in the preserves!

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