A is for Artichoke. Soup, That Is . . .

I feel great about starting my veggie challenge with the artichoke. Stewart didn’t plan to begin at the top of the list when he chose my opening vegetable, but it turns out that there are very few items ahead of the artichoke in the Alphabet of Vegetables.  Only Amaranth and Anise, if you [...]

Meyer Lemon PAMAlade

One of the most popular recipes I’ve posted on this blog is a tasty, simple Pomegranate Champagne Jelly. In the comments to that post, a couple of folks asked whether it would be okay to include the pomegranate arils — that is, the seeds in their beautiful red, fleshy wrappings. I didn’t think [...]

Starting Seeds: Some Dos and Don’ts — Mostly Don’ts

This is one of those posts where I tell you about a dumb thing I did so that you don’t have to do the same dumb thing yourself. I know that some of you who stop by this blog are honest-to-goodness farmers, or Master Gardeners, or just a whole lot more experienced in [...]

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