B is for Bok Choy . . . And a Bunch of Other Good Stuff in a Bowl

When I began my monthly veggie challenge, I didn’t plan to make it alphabetical. But as soon as Stewart brought home January’s artichoke, the idea took stubborn root. So now we have month two, brought to you by the vegetable letter B. And I get to look forward to not just one, but [...]


This is a basket of Meyer lemons that I boosted from some tree last year. It might have been the tree in front of the foreclosed house near the town library, or they might have come from my favorite tree on an unfenced lot in Berkeley. This year’s harvest is coming in smaller [...]

Seedlings and Storms

Look what happened here today!

After a few weeks of warm, sunny weather, we’re back in a cycle of rainstorms, complete with bonus hail. Frozen stuff doesn’t often fall from the sky around here, so it’s pretty exciting.

Last month, I did a post about starting seeds, including information about the fungus attack [...]

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