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March 2011

  • Food

    C is for Celery Citrus Salad

    We are having warm spring temps here. It’s almost 80 degrees! That pleases me for many reasons, mostly having to do with the garden and a long list of dirt-digging tasks. But…

  • Preserves

    Candied Grapefruit Peel

    These candied grapefruit peels don’t look quite the way they should. They are supposed to be white-sugar studded and sparkly. But to me, they look like a whole lot like French fries.…

  • Food, Travel

    Cauliflower Pie in the Sky

    Today we did airport things. Very soggy airport things . . . You know how it is. The waiting. The opportunity to spend way too much money on way too much food.…

  • Words

    Happy Birthday, Mo

    March 19 is a very special day. It’s Mo’s birthday! Okay, so it’s my birthday, too. But for several years, I was blessed to share this day with Ms. Moreka Jolar in…

  • Preserves

    Supremed and Preserved Oranges

    This post could also be called “Experiments with Oranges,” because that’s what’s happening here. The jars above contain orange segments preserved two ways: half in light sugar syrup and half in a…

  • Food

    Gluten-Free Bananacot Cake

    In my post on making sugar-free jam, I mentioned that I am able to easily metabolize large quantities of sugar. The same does not go for flour. I’m not gluten intolerant to…