Cauliflower Pie in the Sky

Today we did airport things. Very soggy airport things . . .

You know how it is. The waiting. The opportunity to spend way too much money on way too much food. Mostly bad food, at that.

This time I decided to do air travel differently. I packed all of our food for the day — breakfast and lunch.

This could be the post for my March veggie challenge, because March is all about veggie letter “C” and one of the things I made and packed for us was cauliflower pie. Really good cauliflower pie. But there are already many, many good recipes for cauliflower pie and I don’t think the Internet needs another one. I made the Moosewood version, which I found on a beautiful but seemingly abandoned blog called When Harry Met Salad. (Even if nobody’s home over there, it’s worth taking a look around.)

The pie is gluten free — you make the crust with potato, onion, a bit of egg white, a pinch of salt — but if you have a dairy sensitivity, don’t even look. We’re talking serious cheese.

Breakfast was said pie and oranges picked from my neighbor’s tree. Lunch was sandwiches made from pre-trip kitchen odds and ends: peppered turkey bacon, lettuce, avocado, and last fall’s spicy quince and apple chutney.

It was all good but, really, I almost think it doesn’t matter what I packed. Whatever it was, it would have been better than a food court breakfast and airplane fare. Bringing my own food left me feeling much more satisfied and sane than I usually do at the end of a long traveling day.

I’d like to forgo airport food from now on — so long as Peet’s Coffee in a cup brought from home doesn’t count.

I’ll post a “C” veggie recipe when I get home from Austin next week. And hey, it’s not raining here. Yay!


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12 comments to Cauliflower Pie in the Sky

  • You know, I’m never sure what you can and cannot bring through security these days. I mean, how is it that cauliflower pie can’t be harboring explosives when a 4-oz bottle of saline is verboten? And I have had TSA make me get rid of fruit in the past; the lack of consistency in those rules, or in how strictly they apply them, is frustrating. Nevertheless, cauliflower pie *does* sound delish, and I’m glad you had a good flight to Austin. Say hi to Kate, Steph and all the Austin peeps!

  • joan

    Echoing Kaela, The cauliflower pie *does* sound delish. And I’m surprised they let it go through. I had to eat an entire container of hummus at Reagan National because X-rays won’t go through it.

  • Love that scarf! I too am so confused on those food rules, but being a person who is always trying to take stuff back to Fairbanks with me I have found there to be no rhyme or reason.

  • I always mean to pack food for airplane travel and then never manage to. This cauliflower pie sounds delish!

  • twobythesea

    I love it that you just brought food and didn’t think about it. I would be like the others, worried that it would be thrown away. I am trying that pie for one of my brunches.

  • Shae

    You guys are funny! It never once occurred to me that my pie might be a national security risk, though in this day and age, perhaps it should have. I was very careful not to try to bring a plastic fork or anything scary like that. Like Kaela, I have had fruit confiscated, but only entering Hawaii.

    One thing is for sure: The TSA is very threatened by jam and will take it away from you to keep the population safe. Either that or they just want to eat it. And I remember when they took away a bottle of very good champagne that I had forgotten to put in my checked baggage. That was very sad.

  • TSA may have orders to confiscate the fruit to help prevent bugs from spreading – just as you’re not allowed to bring fruit in or out of California. Oregon is currently experiencing a big threat from a new fruit bug, and ag scientists are only just beginning to get a handle on the bug much less how to combat it.

    In the meantime… Yes! Homemade food is infinitely preferable when flying! And the looks you get from fellow passengers – totally worth it right there!

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed the cauliflower pie, and thank you for the kind words about my little abandoned blog! I’d added your blog to my Google reader several months ago, but only became aware of this post through a pingback notification. Haven’t been getting updates via the reader, so I thought your blog was abandoned. :-) Now, not only has the mention of my blog on one I really admire shamed me into reviving it, but I’ve managed to re-subscribe so that I get your updates.

    • Shae

      Megan, this is such a great story! I hoped you might get a pingback, but I had no idea that you were at all aware of this blog before that. All subscriptions broke when I moved from Blogger to WordPress in January. (That was a really bothersome part of an otherwise good move.) If it turns out this has . . . um, shall we say inspired you to post to your blog again, then I feel like I’ve done something good this week!

  • Wise move, Shae. I haven’t packed my own airport/flight food in a while and know I’d be much happier if I did. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve never made cauliflower pie. Yum.

  • [...] week I wrote about a successful Cauliflower Pie that I made, but this salad is the “official” entry for my personal veggie challenge, [...]

  • i always mean to pack food when we travel, because airport food is the worst and traveling is taxing enough. i never seem to get it together tho. glad to hear you did and what a lovely reminder to really make the effort! i’m traveling to Palm Springs in 10 days – i’m going to do it!

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