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April 2011

  • Daikon Carrot Pickles || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    D is for Daikon Carrot Pickles

    It’s month four of my personal veggie challenge, in which I am learning to appreciate vegetables by getting better acquainted with least one of them every month. Somehow my challenge guidelines morphed…

  • Nasturtium Pesto with Preserved Lemon | Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Nasturtium Pesto

    It takes about twenty minutes to make nasturtium pesto, including the picking. Get some tender nasturtium leaves and get going!

  • Ground Cherry Flower

    April in the Garden

    I was so inspired by Meg’s post at Grow and Resist the other day, meandering us through her Seattle garden, that I decided to do something similar. We’re in the thick of…

  • Citrus Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

    Citrus Sea Salt Body Scrub

    A girl can make only so much marmalade. I love the stuff, but last night, as I was facing another bowl heaped high with Meyer lemons, I reached my limit. When that…

  • King Pigeons || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Yuzu & Quince

    Guess what’s new here? If you follow the Hitchhiking to Heaven Facebook Page you probably already know that we’ve been building a pigeon house. (I should probably call it an aviary or…

  • Clementine Pâté de Fruit

    Clementine Pâté de Oops

    Aren’t these cute? It’s too bad they suck. I was so excited to attempt my first pâté de fruit. A couple weeks ago, when I was visiting Austin, Texas, I found a…