E is for Eggplant Caponata

Shae is in Alaska for another week, so she asked me — Spike, the guest-blogging porcupine — to handle her monthly veggie challenge post. If you remember, she is working her way through the vegetable alphabet to see if she can get herself to like vegetables better and eat them more often. This month [...]

Return of the Porcupine

Hey! Hello. Remember me — Spike, the porcupine?

Shae has gone off to Alaska again. She’ll be back the second week in June and she asked me to watch over her blog while she’s away, like last time. I said yes, even though I wished she hadn’t waited until the last minute to ask [...]

May in the Garden

May in the garden means things are getting bloomy. Back in February (seems like just yesterday), I seeded a couple of beds with native wildflowers to reduce soil depletion. So far it seems to be working. The lupine likes it.

The wildflowers have meant surprises for me, because I [...]

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