Caramel Apple Jam

Are you busy? These days, I am far busier than I would like to be, which is one reason I like this photo of caramel apple jam holding down my datebook. (I still use paper for that!) I had set the jar there so I wouldn’t forget to bring it to a friend in [...]

A Vintage Kitchen — and Curried Zucchini Apple Soup

Last week, we spent a night at the rustic West Point Inn on Mount Tamalpais. I am shaking my head that it was a first-time visit for me, considering that I grew up here and the place is pretty much in our backyard. Astonishingly, a stay costs very little — only $35 per [...]

Homemade Vanilla Extract: Day One

Last year, I wanted to make vanilla extract for holiday gifts, but I missed out. I have heard people say, variously, that it takes two months, three months, six months — in other words, a while — for vanilla beans to steep long enough in vodka to create an extract with deep, true vanilla [...]

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