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January 2012

  • quince_blood_orange_coriander_syrup

    Quince Blood Orange Coriander Syrup

    When I gave up my nagging addiction to Diet Coke last fall, I needed some good replacement strategies. A tall glass of fizzy water with a splash of homemade fruit syrup has…

  • abbotts_lagoon


    Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today, between “green thread” and “broccoli” you find that you have penciled “sunlight.” Resting on the page, the…

  • satsuma_plums

    The Fruit Report

    In 2011, I had a goal that I never said out loud. I wanted to return to the reason I first started preserving, which was to make good use of the fruit…

  • fuyu_persimmon_pickles

    Pickled Fuyu Persimmons

    As many of you know, I’m doing some work for a new nonprofit business called Community Action Marin FoodWorks — CAM FoodWorks, for short. It’s a venture based on the principles of…

  • Sunrise, Big Sur Coast

    Happy New Year

    With wishes for joy, prosperity, and an abundance of love and friendship in 2012.