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February 2012

  • quince_meyer_lemon_marmalade_2

    Quince Meyer Lemon Marmalade

    ‘ve experimented with several variations on the quince-based marmalade theme and (other than orange) this version using Meyer lemons is by far my favorite.

  • 12_hostas

    February in the Garden

    This is what it’s like in the February garden. The soiled rag, the oilcloth hanging half off the table, the untrimmed ivy. (The forever untrimmed ivy.) But I love the warm morning…

  • rangpur_lime_jam

    Rangpur Lime Jam

    On Sunday, I picked nineteen pounds of Rangpur limes. (I have the scratches to prove it. Rangpur trees are thorny!) I sent eleven pounds out to the folks who won them in…

  • rangpur_spill

    Meet Your Rangpur Limes

    As every gardener knows, what you hope or intend for your little patch of earth isn’t always what you get. Like last spring when I accidentally planted hot peppers thinking they were…