Quince Meyer Lemon Marmalade


Last year, I made a Quince-Orange-Cardamom Marmalade that turned out really well — it won a blue ribbon at the county fair, and even a New York Times editor gave a nod to the recipe. (That totally made my skirt fly up, and I won’t pretend otherwise.) This winter, I’ve experimented with several [...]

February in the Garden


This is what it’s like in the February garden. The soiled rag, the oilcloth hanging half off the table, the untrimmed ivy. (The forever untrimmed ivy.) But I love the warm morning light these days, and the towhees that come first thing when I go out to feed the pigeons. They [...]

Rangpur Lime Jam


On Sunday, I picked nineteen pounds of Rangpur limes. (I have the scratches to prove it. Rangpur trees are thorny!) I sent eleven pounds out to the folks who won them in last week’s giveaway. That left seven pounds to play with this week and about forty pounds still on the tree. That’s [...]

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