Strawberry Feijoa Jam

Strawberry Feijoa Jam

If you met a feijoa on the street, how would you say hello? You could greet it in Spanish (fay-ho-ah), Brazilian (Fay-zhwa), or as they do down under in Australia and New Zealand (fee-joe-ah). Or you could chuck all that and simply call it a pineapple guava. It will answer to any of [...]

Postcards From Holland


I’m going to Holland in January. I didn’t pick that month. Stewart is teaching a workshop then and I will tag along. (Check it out if you want to get creative in the Netherlands.) I know it will be cold. I know I won’t see fields of tulips gracefully nodding their heads in [...]

Homemade Grape Juice & The Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer


A couple of weeks ago I got an urgent phone message from my mother. She said, “Call me back as soon as possible so we can talk about grapes.” (At this time of year it can be like a hotline for abandoned fruit around here, with people calling or emailing to say, “I [...]

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