Why Today Was Good

It rained this afternoon and I went for a walk. I saw five ospreys hunting. Two reached down and pulled silver fish from beneath the green scarf of the lake. There were mergansers. There was a pileated woodpecker and then a newt with an orange belly. How some people feel about newborn babies is how I feel about newts. I am helpless with compassion. They are without fur, tooth, or claw. They move with deliberate care, and so slowly.


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10 comments to Why Today Was Good

  • Oh, I love it. Yes- newts always astound me with how fragile they are. But they don’t seem to mind, do they? They just slowly wobble along unaware of their vulnerability.

    I love this video; just long enough to make you sit still, not too long that you start wiggling. Is their a filter on it? And how did you do that?

    • Shae

      I have always loved newts! Two apps to get for your iPhone: 8mm is a vintage video camera app, and ReelDirector lets you edit what you shoot. You can add titles and trim clips and stuff, so people don’t start wiggling. :-)

  • Leslie D

    So….meditative! What are we supposed to learn from newts? Or you, for pointing us to them? “Helpless with compassion.” A truly desired state!

    • Shae

      Newts remind me of everything innocent and they help return me to that state in myself. Hmmm. Maybe I should look into newt as a totem animal!

  • Adene

    I so appreciate your video having recently retired to a small village by the sea where not much happens! I love it!