Honey-Sweetened Apricot Jam

Honey Sweetened Apricot Jam | Hitchhiking to Heaven

The other day I spent hours working on an apricot thing that turned out terribly. It happens to everyone with a recipe blog: You get what you think is a great idea — in this case it was sugar-free vanilla apricot butter made in a slow cooker — and you launch into your [...]

Prune Your Fruit Trees, People!

Plum Fall | Hitchiking to Heaven

A majestic Santa Rosa plum tree cracked and dropped a huge limb in my neighborhood last week, spilling so much unripe fruit over the fence and onto the ground. It was painful to see.

We might not often think of them this way, but fruit trees are like domestic animals; to be well, [...]

Garden Journal: Raspberry Shortcake in a Half Wine Barrrel

Blueberry Blossoms | Hitchhiking to Heaven

When I walked into the nursery and said I’d come for a strawberry shortcake, they looked at me like I was nuts. It doesn’t really matter that I had meant to say “raspberry shortcake,” because that doesn’t make sense either — unless you know about this new plant. It’s a thornless, dwarf raspberry [...]

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