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  • West of England Tumbler and Indian Fantail Cross Pigeons

    Gem & Haiku: Love at Last?

    It’s been exactly a year since I rescued Gem, our fancy red pigeon, from the side of the road. His right wing was both punctured and fractured, most likely from a hawk…

  • Carl at the Birdbath | Hitchhiking to Heaven

    A Crow’s Breakfast

    Our neighborhood is home to a large community of crows. Sometimes, on summer evenings, dozens of them gather on the roof of our house. We hear them walking around up there and…

  • gem_day_one

    Pigeons First

    When I first saw Gem, I thought he was three feet tall. That was a powerful misperception, given that he is in reality just 10 1/2 ounces of flesh and bone and…

  • red_birds_white_birds
    Birds, Holiday

    December Birds

    For many years when I lived alone, I didn’t have a Christmas tree. I would get some boughs and hang some bells, but saw no reason to untangle the lights and grapple…

  • Quince_on_Egg

    Mystery Solved

    Remember how we weren’t sure whether our King pigeon Yuzu was male or female, but were certain that Quince was a boy? (Even our expert pigeon veterinarian said so.) Well, look what…

  • Pigeon Medal of Honor

    National Pigeon Day

    Okay, so it’s not an official national holiday. Banks and government offices are open. But if the New York Bird Club had succeeded in its efforts, this would be a day to…

  • Tux the Pigeon || Hitchhiking to Heaven
    Birds, Words

    Letting Birds Be Birds

    I’m not in the habit of committing copyright violations, but I had to post this picture I snapped of my favorite postcard. The photograph was taken by Martine Franck in Nepal in…

  • King Pigeons || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Yuzu & Quince

    Guess what’s new here? If you follow the Hitchhiking to Heaven Facebook Page you probably already know that we’ve been building a pigeon house. (I should probably call it an aviary or…

  • Shae and Louis

    My Other Boyfriend

    A while back, Stewart came home from a trip and I told him I’d taken up with a guy down the street. My other boyfriend is a fat guy — big belly,…