Oh, Honey — Blackberry-Rhubarb Juice


Now that I’ve had to give up refined sugar, honey seems like nothing less than a miracle. I’ve been thinking of all those beautiful bees, working so hard to make it. They deserve our big respect.

Here’s one of the first things I’ve decided about my new diet situation: No crappy honey. No [...]

Blackberry Strawberry Jam

blackberry strawberry jam recipe

One way to keep experiments safe in the fridge

I’ve been thinking about wild blackberry jam. There’s nothing at all wrong with a basic approach: combining blackberries with sugar and lemon juice and cooking the mixture until it sets. You don’t need to add pectin, you can keep the volume of sugar relatively [...]

Making Jam From Frozen Fruit


Blackberry Plum Jam With Seville Orange Juice

Last year, two things came into my life that changed the way I preserve fruit. One was an upright storage freezer, which now lives in the basement. The other was a Food Saver, which allows me to freeze fruit in vacuum sealed packages at the height [...]

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