Protecting Trees From Frost with Christmas Lights

How to Use Christmas Tree Lights to Protect Trees from Freezing and Frosts

I want to say it’s going to get crazy cold here, but I know that’s going to make a bunch of people either laugh or get irritated. Oh well. This is California. When temps drop into the 30s, it’s all over the news.

Go ahead, laugh.

Also, this weather app estimates temps [...]

Garden Journal: How to Prune a Freeze-Damaged Citrus Tree


I’m slowly getting better at gardening. Partly, it has to do with simplifying. Instead of trying to grow everything, I’ve been concentrating on what I love most. More than anything else, I seem to love little trees, especially my citrus trees. I haven’t gone so far as to name them, but [...]

Bergamot Honey Syrup

Bergamot Honey Syrup | Hitchhiking to Heaven

A couple weeks ago, I got hold of my very first bergamots. Is it worth noting that spell check wants me to replace “bergamots” with “flabbergasts”?  Bergamots are, in many ways, a flabbergasty citrus fruit. They are astonishingly fragrant. (You probably already know they’re responsible for the unique scent and flavor of Earl [...]

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