Because It’s October

Because the apples are falling

and the light is fading

under its own golden weight.

Because a road trip scrubs the rough edges from a tired mind.

I threw a bag into the backseat and headed north.

Ukiah, Booneville, Philo

Apple Earl Grey Almond Jelly

I posted a version of this recipe a few weeks ago, when I was making myself crazy trying to get it right. Since then, I’ve worked it over both in my head and on the stove — and I think I’ve finally got it down. This time around, the set is divine, and [...]

The Final Marmalade: Clementine Almond Lime

Except for Meyer lemon marmalade, which is a year-round thing for me, marmalade season is over. Last week, I was planning a final, simple batch of clementine marmalade, using a lovely recipe nipped from Julia, who found it in Mes Confitures. But then — whether due to inspiration or exhaustion (it was late [...]

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