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  • Ground Cherry Flower

    April in the Garden

    I was so inspired by Meg’s post at Grow and Resist the other day, meandering us through her Seattle garden, that I decided to do something similar. We’re in the thick of…

  • Hailstorm || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Seedlings and Storms

    Look what happened here today! After a few weeks of warm, sunny weather, we’re back in a cycle of rainstorms, complete with bonus hail. Frozen stuff doesn’t often fall from the sky…

  • Apricot Buds

    The Quiet

      The Internet seems quieter this week. Fewer tweets, not so much fussing with Facebook. Websites down for maintenance. Bloggers resting after the holiday rush of doing and making. It feels good…

  • First Rose

    Here Today: 5.1.2010

    At last, it’s May and the garden is getting into gear. We don’t have much good ground for planting, so we do most of our gardening in big containers — custom-built planter…

  • Garden

    A Day of Good Things

    First of all, it was a clear blue and astonishing 70 degrees in Berkeley today. This happens for a few days every February, and my entire being responds with relief and complete…