The Bumpy Road to Being in Business

Lingonberry Mandarin Marmalade

In the three years since I started writing about jam and preserves, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting anything here — three months. I’m mostly taking a winter’s rest from preserving, though this past week I did make a batch of lingonberry mandarin marmalade using the last of our wild lingonberries [...]

Lowbush Cranberry Marmalade Relish — And Other Ways to Use the Marm You’ve Got

What’s in your pantry, people? Do you still have marmalade that you made last winter?

I do.

Orange, quince, Meyer lemon, Rangpur lime, grapefruit — and there's more.

Around here, the marmalade eating can’t possibly keep up with the marmalade making, so I need lots of ideas for using up what’s left [...]

Lingonberry Banana Jam

I almost didn’t make this jam, because I was afraid no one would like it. Banana jam sounds really weird to a lot of people — but not to me. I’ve been secretly intrigued by the idea of putting bananas in a jam all year. When I found this recipe in a pamphlet at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension office this summer, I gave a hoot of joy. [...]

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