The Bumpy Road to Being in Business

Lingonberry Mandarin Marmalade

In the three years since I started writing about jam and preserves, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting anything here — three months. I’m mostly taking a winter’s rest from preserving, though this past week I did make a batch of lingonberry mandarin marmalade using the last of our wild lingonberries [...]

Homemade Orange Soda Syrups


So I got some oranges. About eighty pounds in all. This sweet bounty comes to me each spring, courtesy of my neighbor’s enormous navel orange tree, which you can see in a post from last year. That post was all about learning to preserve orange slices in syrup. This year’s experiment leaves out the [...]

Quince Blood Orange Coriander Syrup


When I gave up my nagging addiction to Diet Coke last fall, I needed some good replacement strategies. A tall glass of fizzy water with a splash of homemade fruit syrup has been one of the most enjoyable. (We love our SodaStream fizzy water maker, by the way. No more endless, expensive cases [...]

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