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  • Citrus Smash Jam | Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Citrus Smash Jam

    It’s not the first time I’ve had to do this. A few days before leaving town at the peak of citrus season and one or two of my trees are still laden…

  • pickled-figs-in-jars

    Pickled Black Mission Figs

    I started making fruit preserves about ten years ago when I lived in a little house in Berkeley with five different fruit trees in a postage-stamp yard — plum, lemon, apple, persimmon, and…

  • Low sugar peach jam made with Pomona's Pectin

    Low-Sugar Peach Jam

    For almost ten years, I’ve had my eye on a beautiful little peach tree that graces the front yard of a house down the street. July has always meant at least one…

  • What to do with blackberries you've picked

    What to Do With Blackberries

    The past couple years have been terrible for blackberry picking here. The drought hit California hard and the berries suffered badly. In the patch I love, they fried before they were even…

  • Wild Alaskan Blueberries for Blueberry Raspberry Jam With Pomona's Pectin
    Preserves, Travel

    Blueberry Raspberry Jam

    Now that I’ve (mostly) given up sugar, I make fewer preserves with it. By my count, I’ve made a sugared preserve just three times in the past year: fifty tiny jars of quince apple…

  • Apricot Apple Butter Honey Sweetened Sugar Free
    Preserves, Travel

    Apricot Apple Honey Butter

    Stewart and I are turning over a new leaf. (Leaves are so light you would think it would be easy to flip one, but it’s not always, is it?) He travels a ton…

  • Limequat Honey Syrup || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Limequat Honey Syrup

    I made a sunny limequat syrup during a wild storm. A branches breaking, fences falling down, water blowing sideways kind of storm. I took the limequats off the tree when I heard the weather was…

  • Meyer Lemon Marmalade || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Meyer Lemon Marmalade

    If my friends know me for any one preserve, this is it. For a long time, this recipe for Meyer Lemon Marmalade was available only in an eBook I published in 2011. Sometime last…

  • IMG_7832

    Nectarine Jam

    Over the years, I’ve read many lists of tips for bloggers. One tip that stuck with me is “Don’t apologize if you haven’t posted for a while.” I agree. It would feel…

  • Apricot Jam With Almond Extract

    Bee House Apricot Jam

    It’s been a long time since I posted here. So long that I forgot one of the main reasons I started this blog, which was to keep track of jam recipes when…