Bee House Apricot Jam

It’s been a long time since I posted here. So long that I forgot one of the main reasons I started this blog, which was to keep track of jam recipes when something turns out well. I scratched out this recipe on a scrap of paper, then I was asking myself where I [...]

Holiday Plum Butter Sweetened with Honey

Plum Butter Sweetened with Honey

Last summer a friend gave me frozen plums. Enormous, icy bricks of purple, purple plums. They’d been tucked away in her freezer for quite a while, and she needed to clear them out in anticipation of moving. So this fall, when I haven’t had time to preserve a single thing, I’ve been opening [...]

Citrus Aigre-Doux with Honey

Citrus Aigre-Doux | Hitchhiking to Heaven

The Rangpur limes are here. My mother’s tree was not as productive as last year, yielding 40 pounds of fruit instead of 100. But that’s still a lot of Rangpur limes. I kept ten pounds for myself; the rest went to other good homes. Kaela came to San Francisco to visit and packed [...]

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