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  • Lingonberry Mandarin Marmalade

    The Bumpy Road to Being in Business

    In the three years since I started writing about jam and preserves, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting anything here — three months. I’m mostly taking a winter’s rest from…

  • Strawberry Feijoa Jam

    Strawberry Feijoa Jam

    If you met a feijoa on the street, how would you say hello? You could greet it in Spanish (fay-ho-ah), Brazilian (Fay-zhwa), or as they do down under in Australia and New…

  • bowl_of_wild_alaskan_blueberries

    Wild Whiskey Blues

    There are some foodie words I can’t say with a straight face. “Foodie” is one of them. Terroir is another. Honestly, I can’t even pronounce it well. (Follow this link and mouse…

  • blackberry strawberry jam recipe

    Blackberry Strawberry Jam

    I’ve been thinking about wild blackberry jam. There’s nothing at all wrong with a basic approach: combining blackberries with sugar and lemon juice and cooking the mixture until it sets. You don’t…

  • orange_soda_syrups

    Homemade Orange Soda Syrups

    A recipe for simple homemade orange syrup for sodas or drinks, plus three variations: orange mint, orange cardamom, and orange elderflower.

  • blackberry_plum_jam

    Making Jam From Frozen Fruit

    Last year, two things came into my life that changed the way I preserve fruit. One was an upright storage freezer, which now lives in the basement. The other was a Food…

  • quince_meyer_lemon_marmalade_2

    Quince Meyer Lemon Marmalade

    ‘ve experimented with several variations on the quince-based marmalade theme and (other than orange) this version using Meyer lemons is by far my favorite.

  • rangpur_lime_jam

    Rangpur Lime Jam

    On Sunday, I picked nineteen pounds of Rangpur limes. (I have the scratches to prove it. Rangpur trees are thorny!) I sent eleven pounds out to the folks who won them in…