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    Curried Zucchini Apple Soup

    Last week, we spent a night at the rustic West Point Inn on Mount Tamalpais. I am shaking my head that it was a first-time visit for me, considering that I grew…

  • Food

    October Unprocessed: My Three Rules

    I’ve met Andrew Wilder, the proprietor at Eating Rules and the host of the October Unprocessed challenge, only once. At last year’s BlogHer Food conference, I tried to stab him with a…

  • Food

    E is for Eggplant Caponata

    Shae is in Alaska for another week, so she asked me — Spike, the guest-blogging porcupine — to handle her monthly veggie challenge post. If you remember, she is working her way…

  • Food

    D is for Daikon Carrot Pickles

    It’s month four of my personal veggie challenge, in which I am learning to appreciate vegetables by getting better acquainted with least one of them every month. Somehow my challenge guidelines morphed…

  • Food

    C is for Celery Citrus Salad

    We are having warm spring temps here. It’s almost 80 degrees! That pleases me for many reasons, mostly having to do with the garden and a long list of dirt-digging tasks. But…

  • Food, Travel

    Cauliflower Pie in the Sky

    Today we did airport things. Very soggy airport things . . . You know how it is. The waiting. The opportunity to spend way too much money on way too much food.…

  • Food

    Gluten-Free Bananacot Cake

    In my post on making sugar-free jam, I mentioned that I am able to easily metabolize large quantities of sugar. The same does not go for flour. I’m not gluten intolerant to…

  • Food

    B is for Bok Choy Soba Salad

    When I began my monthly veggie challenge, I didn’t plan to make it alphabetical. But as soon as Stewart brought home January’s artichoke, the idea took stubborn root. So now we have…

  • Artichoke Soup

    A is for Artichoke Soup

    I feel great about starting my veggie challenge with the artichoke. Stewart didn’t plan to begin at the top of the list when he chose my opening vegetable, but it turns out…