A Family Tradition: Blanched, Butter-Roasted Almonds With Salt

Holiday Roasted Almonds

Yesterday, I made three pounds of buttery, salty roasted almonds. It’s a family thing — if a slightly complicated one. My biological dad’s mom taught my mom how to make them. My mom and dad split up when I was small, but my mom carried on the holiday tradition of making [...]

Holiday Plum Butter Sweetened with Honey

Plum Butter Sweetened with Honey

Last summer a friend gave me frozen plums. Enormous, icy bricks of purple, purple plums. They’d been tucked away in her freezer for quite a while, and she needed to clear them out in anticipation of moving. So this fall, when I haven’t had time to preserve a single thing, I’ve been opening [...]

Meyer Lemon Jam with Mint and Honey

Meyer Lemon Honey Mint Jam | Hitchhiking to Heaven

My neighbor Joanne got three new hens: Cairo, Dubai, and Pauline. Joanne is getting ready to move and had sworn off new chickens, but when she saw these three babies getting trampled in an enclosure of bigger pullets, she scooped them right up. They’re curious about everything, especially Dubai, pictured above: What’s in [...]

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