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  • Bread and Jam for Frances

    New Blog Home, New Blog Habit

    Whew! There were moments during the past couple of weeks when I didn’t think I could pull it off — but welcome to the new home of Hitchhiking to Heaven! The old…

  • Lia Decorating Cookies
    Food, Holiday

    The Best Christmas Cookies

      The best Christmas cookies are the ones you’ve been making with family and friends for as many years as you can remember. Here’s a photo tour of one longstanding cookie-baking tradition,…

  • Pomegranate Jam Hearts
    Food, Holiday

    Holiday Cookies Using Jam

    Aim high: Pomegranate Jam Hearts from Food Republik The holiday season is one of the only times I bake — and I have been known to get ambitious. I know I won’t…

  • Homegrown Marin Market

    Homegrown Marin Holiday Market

    “Slow Pokes” sets up to serve fab mushroom soup on a cool, cloudy day. I wish everyone could have an event in their neighborhood like the monthly Homegrown Marin Market. It’s a…

  • Caroline Radice
    Food, Preserves

    Hot Plums and Black Dogs

    If you have hot plum jelly — or if you want to make hot plum jelly — might I suggest that this would be a fine thing to do with it? These are golden fried wantons, stuffed . . .

  • Zinnias || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    A Postcard from BlogHer Food ’10

    I spent the last two days at BlogHer Food, a conference attended by more than 300 food bloggers in San Francisco. I don’t know what’s more strange — that I have become…

  • Dacker Beer
    Food, Travel

    Drink This Beer

    Today is International Beer Day, so I thought I’d tell you a little story about a great beer and a nice guy. The beer is Dacker. It’s a full-bodied, goes-down-easy ale, first…

  • Celery Water || Hitchhiking to Heaven

    Celery Water

    I thought I’d grown too much celery this year, but now I wish I had more. That’s because our friend Barbara, who happened to be visiting when I was musing on said…

  • Soup Veggies

    Keeping Calm in the Kitchen

    What makes cooking easier and more joyful for you? That’s the question Shauna, at Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef, asked us to answer this month. More particularly, she posed her inquiry in…

  • Cooking Badge
    Food, Words

    It Was Strawberry Cream Sherbet

    Here’s the truth about my Girl Scout career: It ended when I was nine years old, busted for shoplifting red licorice from the local grocery store while wearing my uniform. Before that,…