A Crow’s Breakfast

Carl at the Birdbath | Hitchhiking to Heaven

Our neighborhood is home to a large community of crows. Sometimes, on summer evenings, dozens of them gather on the roof of our house. We hear them walking around up there and see the shadows of their feet through the skylights. If a person didn’t love birds, it would be easy to go [...]

Bergamot Honey Syrup

Bergamot Honey Syrup | Hitchhiking to Heaven

A couple weeks ago, I got hold of my very first bergamots. Is it worth noting that spell check wants me to replace “bergamots” with “flabbergasts”?  Bergamots are, in many ways, a flabbergasty citrus fruit. They are astonishingly fragrant. (You probably already know they’re responsible for the unique scent and flavor of Earl [...]

Honeyed Apricot Blueberry Jam: No Added Sugar

Honeyed Apricot Blueberry Jam | Hitchhiking to Heaven

Come July, when our too-short Blenheim apricot season arrives, I’m going to make an entire case of honeyed apricots from Marisa’s Food in Jars cookbook. Last summer, I made only four pints. I didn’t know then that I was going to give up sugar and that these apricots could serve as the base [...]

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