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    Summer Camp

    We’ve been at camp this week, spending slow hours moving from one Adirondack chair to the next, keeping to the dappled shade, carrying along our novels, cold drinks, bug spray. This slanted…

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    Here Today: 5.19.2010

    I was supposed to fly home from New Mexico this morning, but I fell in love with Ghost Ranch and arranged to stay on. I had no idea the place was about…

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    Here Today: 5.12.2010

    Today was a traveling day. San Francisco to Santa Fe . . . We crossed the Sierra Nevada. We found the country of adobe and big sky. We drank Santa Fe Pale…

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    Quit Your Whining

    Sometimes all it takes to wake you up is a quick shift in perspective. That happened to me today, when my friend Janet reappeared after almost four weeks hiking solo in the…