Citrus Aigre-Doux with Honey

Citrus Aigre-Doux | Hitchhiking to Heaven

The Rangpur limes are here. My mother’s tree was not as productive as last year, yielding 40 pounds of fruit instead of 100. But that’s still a lot of Rangpur limes. I kept ten pounds for myself; the rest went to other good homes. Kaela came to San Francisco to visit and packed [...]

Winter Preserves I Want You to Make



Do you find it difficult to ask for help when you need it? Do you say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter that I have a 101° fever and have to drive to the doctor’s office. If I have to pull over and throw up along the way, well, I’ll deal with it.” I [...]

Candied Grapefruit Peel — a.k.a. Grapefruit French Fries

These candied grapefruit peels don’t look quite the way they should. They are supposed to be white-sugar studded and sparkly. But to me, they look like a whole lot like French fries. That’s why I went down to our local burger joint and got one of those little white [...]

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