Near Misses

First, I am shocked and dismayed that I didn’t learn until just now that yesterday was National Pigeon Day. Having lived with a pigeon for thirteen years (more about that later) and being a great fan of pigeons in general, I feel that I owe an apology to our noble yet much maligned feathered friends.

Second, I am bummed that I forgot to bring my camera to the Fairfax Festival this morning. The festival always begins with a parade, and while this year’s parade started out looking like nothing more than some confused people walking down the middle of the street, it got much better as it went along. If I had remembered my camera, I would be able to post a video of the hands-down hit of the day: the Marin Sanitary Service Drill Team, complete with yard waste bins on wheels, performing their crowd-pleasing routine to Michael Jackson’s “Workin’ Day and Night.” Here is the next best thing, which is a video I found on YouTube of last year’s performance. It’s definitely worth watching, but you’ve got to trust me that this year’s show was even better. It should have been, considering that it was the exact same routine and they had 365 additional days to perfect it. Also, they had some fine new neon-orange costumes.

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