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Celery Water

I thought I’d grown too much celery this year, but now I wish I had more. That’s because our friend Barbara, who happened to be visiting when I was musing on said celery, taught me how to make an easy, super-hydrating summer celery drink.

Barbara lives and works at the magical Hui Ho’olana retreat center on the island of Moloka’i, where they grow and prepare their food with a kind of love and care I’ve rarely experienced anywhere else. When I get a tip from any of my friends there — even concerning something as mundane as celery water — I pay attention. They make this drink out of their garden celery that is perhaps not beautiful enough to serve their guests.

The fresh, lemony celery flavor is lovely, and all that good celery stuff — minerals and whatnot, plus a pinch of sea salt, will help you stay nourished in the heat. I’ve been drinking it nonstop for the past few days.

So. Got celery? Get yourself a big jar (I use a two-quart mason jar) and do this:

Summertime Celery Water

1 bunch celery
pinch sea salt
lemon juice
sweetener of choice (optional)

1) Wash the celery. Cut off the butt end and leafy tops.

2) Loosely pack the jar with a handful of celery stalks.

3) Fill the jar with good water, add a pinch of sea salt, a big squeeze of lemon juice and, if you like, some sweetener to taste. (So far I’ve done mine without sweetener and I love it.)

4) Store the jar in the fridge and refill as needed. You can use the same celery for quite a long time before replacing it; mine has been keeping for about week and a half before I have to change it.

That’s it. Except there’s always one more photo. The reason we go to Moloka’i every year is because Stewart teaches a process painting workshop there. He travels a lot for his work and always brings home a big bag of color-splotched rags to be washed and dried. Our deck garden was festooned with them when I went out to collect the celery for this post.

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