Plum-Berry Balsamic Fruit Leather

There are a bazillion and a half ways to make fruit leather. You can use one fruit or a mix of many. You can add sugar or not. You can add spices or not. You can cook down the fruit before or after you puree it — or not at all. You can [...]

Neighborhood Plum Jam

A week or so ago, I was bemoaning my lack of plums. I used to rent a house with the most gloriously productive Santa Rosa plum tree you could imagine. During my first two summers of canning, I picked and jammed so many plums that I thought I would never want to see [...]

Going to the Fair

I felt subdued about entering my preserves in this year’s county fair. I’ll confess, my confidence was low. It may be because I did well last year — my first year — and I made a big deal about it. What if I went and bombed after I’d gone on about being a prizewinner? [...]

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