Crate Labels || Hitchhiking to Heaven

Because It’s October

Because the apples are falling

and the light is fading

under its own golden weight.

Because a road trip scrubs the rough edges from a tired mind.

I threw a bag into the backseat and headed north.

Ukiah, Booneville, Philo

Elk, Jenner, Freestone

I found fruit.

I drove.

I talked to myself.

I drove.

I watched the days deepen into autumn.

I drove.

An old copper jam pot bigger than your kitchen sink? Yours for $700.

Bottles and jars. Blue and white.

Cookbooks for the intrepid housewife.

Recipe for a Fall Road Trip

1 blue Subaru
1 pair cowboy boots
1 favorite pillow
2 cameras
Bluebird Cafe (Hopland)
Pumpkinfest (Ukiah)
Coffee Critic (Ukiah)
Redwood Valley Farmers Market
Boonville General Store (Duh)
Farmhouse Mercantile (Boonville)
The Apple Farm (Philo . . . get your quince here!)
Antique Society (Sebastopol)
Goodwill Industries (Everywhere)
Northern California Highways 101, 253, 128, 1, and 116.

Gently fold all ingredients together in a large addled brain. Let sit quietly for two days. Stir. Makes 1 life-affirming serving.


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